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Uncharted, the movie based on the Playstation game, is as mediocre and boring as you’d expect. The worst part? This could’ve been a smash hit with the right people behind it. Tom Holland and director Ruben Fleischer are strong filmmakers, but can’t elevate the bland script and Razzie-worthy performance of Mark Wahlberg.

The movie follows the story of how Nate met Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg, and how they were headed to an adventure to find a treasure that was lost 500 years ago. It’s also set to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Nate’s brother, Sam.

from where I can watch uncharted 2022 online free?

Can I stream Uncharted? 

Uncharted movie is distributed by Sony Pictures, which is making it exclusive to theaters. And you can watch this film in theaters.

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