Laya Lewis

Skins stars Laya Lewis felt insecure during intimate scenes & were told to ‘skip meals’

Stars of the popular E4 show Skins have spoken out about how they felt during s** scenes and also they have to skip theirs meals during the shoot when they wore beachwear.

Daniel Kaluuya, Dev Patel, and Nicholas Hoult were the popular cast members of the hit television series Skins, which sparked uproar in the media and a was phenomenon among its young audience. The trio went on to become household names.

April Pearson, who played Michelle Richardson in the first series, and Laya Lewis, who played Liv Malone, have both spoken out about the treatment they received on set.

In recent episode, Are You Michelle From Skins?, they were discussed about how they were treated on set, including intimate scenes and being instructed to “skip meals” before shooting

Laya also reflected on how she felt ‘pressure’ to be slim while appearing as Liv, telling April that the female cast had to line up in bikinis ahead of season six shooting.

She said: ‘I definitely felt a lot of pressure to be smaller or slimmer. From the actual creators or people behind the scenes.

“In series six, we all had a meeting and we were told to basically skip meals.

Lewis also claimed that actors, dressed in a bikini or swimwear, were asked “one-by-one” to “stand in a room with just us and the creator of the show, who was male and a lot older than we were and be told whether we looked good or not, good enough to film in Morocco”.

“He was male and a lot older than we were, we were between the ages of 16 and 18, and be told if we looked good enough to film in Morocco.

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