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MTV Splitsvilla 14 was one of the upcoming shows on television, and audiences loved the previous season as there were lots of twists and turns.

In this show all single girls and boys come on the show to find love and get some fame.

This season, the audience won’t get to see Rannvijay as the host of the show, as he has been replaced by Arjun Bijlani, who will be co-hosting the show with Sunny Leone.

Mtv splitsvilla 14 contestants
mtv splitsvilla

A promo of mtv splitsvilla has been release where one saw how Arjun Bijlani is stuck on an island and how he would be caught up there with the contestants for almost three months.

mtv splitsvilla 14 contestants

Show NameMtv Splitsvilla 14
ChannelMTV India & Voot
Produced ByColosceum Media
Host by Arjun Bijlani and sunny leone
Start Date12th November 2022
Telecast TimeSat-Sun at 7:00 PM
Repeat TelecastSat-Sun at 11:00 AM, 3:30 PM, 6:00 PM, and 10:00 PM
  1. Soundous Moufakir
  2. Hamid Barkzi
  3. Urfi Javed
  4. Saumya Bhandari
  5. Dhruvin Busa
  6. Pema Leilani
  7. Honey Kamboj
  8. Rishabh Jaiswal
  9. Oviya Darnal
  10. Amir Hossein
  11. Shivam Sharma
  12. Anushka Mitra
  13. Abhimanyu Raghav

These are the confirmed faces and names of Splitsvilla season 14


Q 1. What is mtv splitsvilla show?

Ans. mtv splitsvilla is a reality television show where Young men and women try to find the perfect partner for themselves.

Q 2. Who is going to host mtv splitsvilla 14?

Ans. mtv splitsvilla 14 is host by arjun bijlani and sunny Leone

Q 3. where I can watch mtv splitsvilla?

Ans. you can watch it on voot and mtv india.

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