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Gmail Account Login – How to Login or create new Account on Gmail will be discussed here. The public was given access to Gmail in 2007 after it was launched in 2004. A popular webmail service on the market, it offers a wide range of features.

 With its web-based service, which was one of the first to offer 1GB of free storage with every account, and now it offers 15GB, replacing previous email programs, it is one of the pioneers of offering free storage. Gmail also pioneered the “thread” style inbox, and this email client introduced labels and the traditional folder structure.

Create Gmail Account

Gmail is a cloud mail service of google it helps you to send and receive mail without charging any cost as per a survey Gmail has more than 1.5 billion active users around the world.

Nowadays sending and receiving mails are more followed in professional work setup and Gmail plays a major role in this communication, we need to use Gmail for a formal set of communications it is very easy to use and the process of making a Gmail account, it is available in 105 languages and is programmed in java, C++.

JavaScript programming language was developed by Paul Buchheit and was launched in 2004 its service comes with 15-gigabyte storage and we can receive emails up to 50 MB.

Gmail can automatically scan and classify the mails into primary, promotional, and spam. The service of Gmail is not confined to desktops or laptops rather it is easily accessible on mobile phones although Gmail was launched in April 2004 some later in November 2014.

It was redesigned for android and exactly after 2 years November 2016 it was launched on the iOS platform as well and after then google comes up with new features every year be it for advancement in security or features to make it better according to the time.

Nowadays, making a Gmail account is turned out to be necessary either to send mail via Gmail or to login to a google account for many purposes we need to know the process of making a Gmail account.

Although, most of the population knows how to create a google account or know the conditions for making a Gmail account and might be a cakewalk for them but for many who don’t know how to use make one this would be a great help let’s see why we need to make a Gmail account.


• It is important for a formal piece of communication in organizations.

• Required for google account login.

• It is required for use Google services.

• Required for getting E-statements from the bank.

• Helps creating a Facebook account.

• It is required for signing in, on YouTube.


• It is highly secure as compared to other mails. Google sets the security so high that only the original user can retrieve the password if forgotten and hence no one can misuse your email

• No need to create multiple accounts for different apps only one grail account is enough

• We can have up to 5 or more Gmail accounts for a single user

• We can retrieve our deleted mails from recycle bin

• Gmail identifies the spam mails and directs it to its spam mail option

• It provides you up to 300 GB of storage you can even find your oldest of mails here.


Till now you might have understood the importance of creating or making a Gmail account, you can now follow the following steps for creating one:

1. To make a Gmail account your first step is to go to the website

2. Click or tap on create account option

3. Then a form will appear for sign up enter your name, last name, user name, password, and then confirm password.

4. Then click on next for proceeding to the next step

5. Now a page will appear asking for your mobile number and follow up the two-step verification process

6. Now you will receive a security cum verification code via a message from google on your given mobile number. Now enter that code to complete the verification process

7. Next you will be asked for an optional recovery mail

8. Now you have to enter your personal information like your date of birth and your gender

9. Click on the next option to review Google terms and conditions and privacy policy read all of it carefully and then click on I agree on option

10. Kudos! Your account is created.


For successfully making a Gmail account you need to verify with the OTP with the registered number then you need to sign in.

1. Go to its website

2. Enter the Gmail id you created and the password

3. Type on the next option your Gmail will get signed in

4. Don’t forget to sign out from the top right corner of the screen just click the option sign out.


1. The very first feature of Gmail is categorization: Gmail categorizes mails into primary, promotional, important, and spam emails automatically.

2. It comes with a scheduled option: scheduled option helps you to send the mail at the given time duration you just need to write the email click the triangle option next to send and choose the date and time at which you want to send the mail and click on schedule send the mail would we automatically send at that given time

3. High priority notification: this option enables only important mail notifications to pop up

4. Smart compose and reply: with this feature google helps you compose a mail or reply to a particular mail

5. Built-in chat: this option in email is for sending an instant message instead of mail, you can even send a voice or video message

6. Conversation view: through this option of Gmail, you can see your back-and-forth messaging in an organized form.

7. Customize inbox view: you can customize your inbox view via this option you can either expand or shrink it.

8. View upcoming events: via this feature, you can view or get yourself a reminder for the upcoming features.

9. Take actions on emails: via this option, you can take the necessary required action on a particular email you can even block or report the mail.

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