Alicia Vikander

Hollywood Actress Alicia Vikander Didn’t Feel “Protected” Filming Intimate Scenes

Alicia Vikander is a Swedish actress and renowned Hollywood star at the age of 33.

She won her first Oscar for the 2015 film The Danish Girl, has worked in a variety of genres, including sci-fi (Ex-Machina), drama (The Light Between Oceans), and action (Tomb Raider), and is married to Michael Fassbender, another well-known actor.

Alicia Vikander recently spoke candidly about how the practice of shooting intimate sequences has evolved over the years—and for the better—in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Alicia Vikander described her experience, saying, that

Alicia Vikander

“The only thing that can’t be improvised is an intimate scene — you have to make choreography and stick to it. It’s the worst thing ever to do those scenes. I am very comfortable with my body and I’ve done quite a bit of nudi+y and s-x scenes, but it’s never easy.”

she continued “I’ve been in situations that were not fine, where I didn’t feel I was protected,” she said. “Everyone was busy doing their own thing and, in the middle, you have an actor who sits there n-k-d for a couple of hours,”

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