Chris Evans caught looking Elizabeth Olsen’s boobs

Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen has played a superheroes character in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both are also the best friendship among the marvel superheros.

Recently there was a premiere in London on Tuesday night in which Chris Evans got completely caught out as he took a not-so-subtle look at Elizabeth Olsen’s cleavage.

Chris Evans was intrigued by Olsen’s boobs as shown in several photographs acquired by ET, as he was caught staring at them during group photos on the red carpet.

Elizabeth Olsen wore an Alexander McQueen gown with a big split down the front, and it’s reasonable to conclude that boob tape was used. Her hair was done in loose curls and was blonde. She finished off her appearance with smoky eyes and rich red lipstick.

On the other hand Chris Evan aka CaptainAmerica, donned a black suit with a white shirt and a green necktie. He was spotted smiling and then pouting his lips as he stared at Olsen’s face.

After the incident the internet blown up, and Memers went on to compete in an epic Photoshop battle based on this image

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